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3 Common Lift Myths

3 Common Lift Myths - Lift King - Automotive Lift Calgary

A bit of research can go a long way when it comes to choosing the automotive lift that’s right for you. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to know what information can be trusted. There are a lot of mistaken assumptions about lifts out there, and we’d like to address three of them in particular.

They’re Only for Repair Shops

The most common place you’ll see automotive lifts is in professional repair shops, but that’s far from being the only one. More and more hobbyist mechanics, car collectors, and just all-around automotive fanatics are finding a multitude of uses for at-home lifts. People who prefer to save money on repairs and maintenance by taking the DIY route will have a much better experience with the help of a professional-grade lift. Even if you’re not a DIY mechanic, perhaps your garage doesn’t comfortably fit the vehicles you have, or you just want to maximize the efficiency of your storage space. The right lift will solve many of your problems.

They’re Bulky and Difficult to Install

Car lifts certainly aren’t small, but you’d be surprised by how compact they can be while retaining the utility and functionality that a good lift should. It all depends on the kind of model you’re looking for. When it comes to lifts for residential use, there are single-post storage lifts and portable 2-post lifts that can fit perfectly into garages of many different sizes. Installation is also more straightforward than you may think. The finest models have been optimized for simple, intuitive setup. When you’ve chosen the right dealer, you’ll have no problem finding one that will be firmly in place and ready for operation in no time.

They’re Too Expensive

When you see a piece of equipment like a car lift, your first assumption might be that it’s prohibitively expensive unless you’re a lucrative repair business. This isn’t true either. These days it’s more possible than ever to purchase a lift that is equal in quality to the one used by your favourite mechanic. Not only this, you’re more likely these days to find one that is priced reasonably enough for an individual homeowner. The best automotive lift dealers out there seek to make the benefits of high-quality lifts accessible to more customers, and we’re one of them. It’s a great time to be a car lover!

Even one piece of misinformation can lead you to invest in an automotive lift that will ultimately disappoint. The team here at Lift King is dedicated to making sure that you never regret your choice. To find one that will never let you down, get in touch with us at (403) 283-1020 today!

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