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4 Classic Cars That Make Great Restoration Projects

4 Classic Cars That Make Great Restoration Projects - Lift King - Car Lifts Calgary

Anyone who has restored a car knows that it’s one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences out there. If you’re thinking about tackling your first or next project, it’s always a good idea to plan carefully about which car you restore. These models are great options.


Ford Mustang


In a recent article we talked about first-generation Mustangs as excellent cars for entry-level collectors. As you may have guessed, they’re just as great to purchase for restoration purposes as they are in ready-to-drive condition. Restoration hobbyists will be happy to know that availability and pricing of parts are excellent, as it’s one of the more popular project cars out there. Those who are eager to get into custom fabrication should note that this is a particularly fitting option if you want to go beyond its existing body.


Chevy Camaro


If your loyalties lean a bit more towards Chevrolet, you probably already know that the first generation Camaro would be a better fit to satisfy your restoration urges. Produced from 1967 to 1969, this was Chevy’s answer to the Mustang, helping to fill in the “pony car” market that Ford had created earlier in the decade. Availability of parts is quite good, not to mention a supportive restoration community filled with useful guides written by other hobbyists, but the highlight of the Camaro is its variety of engine and transmission possibilities.


Lincoln Continental


It’s tough to think of a classic car that drips of luxury quite like the Lincoln Continental, particularly the fourth generation produced from 1961 to 1969. While certainly a departure from the arena of muscle cars to which the above options belong, this is a beautiful choice if you’re looking for a truly smooth and regal driving experience. Its low profile and unforgettably slick body design never fail to turn heads. Pricing of parts may be a bit higher than other projects, but if you’ve got the budget and like the look, it will be worth it.


Datsun 240Z


While classic muscle cars and luxurious cruisers may be the first types of restoration projects to come to mind, some are more underrated. The Datsun 240Z is one of them. Released in North America in 1969, the “Z-Car” performed well on the market, designed more as a pleasurable and highly dependable drive than as a speed demon. Its distinctive look is undeniably cool, somehow striking a balance between classic and futuristic. Don’t forget to pay close attention to rust on this one, and it’s often recommended to stiffen the chassis.


There’s no doubt that DIY restoration projects are rewarding, but they’re also hard work. No matter what car you restore, using a home garage lift will make the process so much more efficient and comfortable that you’ll never want to go back. Call (403) 283-1020 to learn more!

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