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Are Car Lifts Really That Great for Storage?

Are Car Lifts Really That Great for Storage? - Lift King - Automotive Lifts Calgary - Featured Image

In case you haven’t heard, car lifts lift cars. Glad we got that cleared up, but this isn’t the only thing they do. A well-made and appropriately chosen vehicle lift is also a highly powerful solution for storage in your home garage. Are they really that good for this purpose? See for yourself.


Two Cars in the Space of One


Cars take up a lot of space. Rude, right? It’s not their fault, but it also doesn’t need to be a problem if you find ways to upgrade the storage situation in your garage. What’s excellent about using a vehicle lift for this purpose is that it turns the space used up by one car into a space that will fit two. With a single-post storage lift or even a 4-post lift, you can elevate one vehicle and park another underneath it. Have a single-car garage? Double your vehicle storage space with a lift. Even with a two-car garage, things can get crowded when you have a family and there are three or four vehicles to account for. Again, that lift will ease your parking troubles.


“Just Throw It in the Garage”


Your garage can serve countless different purposes. It can be a workshop, a DIY auto repair space, or if you’re like countless other homeowners, a place to throw random stuff that doesn’t have anywhere else to go. On top of all those fishing rods and gift wrapping materials, the average suburban garage might be home to lawn equipment, bicycles, camping supplies, and other bulky items. Using the appropriate lift for your garage can come with two distinct benefits: Parking one car above the other to make room for everything else you need to store in there, or using the lift itself as a storage mechanism by adding aluminum inserts. Not bad at all.


Better Than a Construction Project!


Let’s say your home came with a single or two-car garage that isn’t really cutting it anymore, whether your family is growing or you’ve bought a classic vehicle to complement your day-to-day commuter. One option is to have a garage extension built. The trouble with this is that it’s permitted development, requiring a lengthy and costly permit approval process on top of the cost and time of the construction itself. Doubling your storage with a beautifully made vehicle lift is not only cheaper, it’s far more time efficient. It’s not necessarily a substitute for a garage extension, but it’s a far more appealing option for many homeowners, especially car aficionados!


Whether it’s to make your life easier with better garage storage or to embark on a DIY car restoration journey, purchasing a lift is a big step. It’s only right that you have an experienced and devoted team help you out. Call (403) 283-1020 to talk to Lift King about your lift today!

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