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Are Lifts Only Useful for Cars?

Are Lifts Only Useful for Cars? - Lift King - Automotive Lifts in Calgary

The most common application of an automotive lift that you’ll see is maintenance and repairs on vehicles such as cars and trucks. However, these aren’t the only vehicles that are relevant to lift usage. Not only this, but they don’t have to be used exclusively for maintenance and repairs.

Motorcycles and ATVs

Taking care of a motorcycle is different from taking care of a car in a number of ways. When you don’t have a lift, you don’t have to squeeze yourself under a motorcycle using a creeper to perform maintenance and repairs. Instead, you have to do a lot of kneeling, repetitive sitting and standing, and bending over. This is just as hard on the body over time as working on a car without a lift can be. Fortunately, motorcycles lifts are designed elevate your bike to the level you need so that you can remain upright and access whatever part of it that you need. Storing bikes and ATVs is also a lot easier when you use a storage lift designed for them.

Storage Upgrade

Finding room for a motorcycle or ATV without the appropriate lift can be pretty awkward, but it’s not nearly as difficult as finding room for another car. If you’re forced to keep one vehicle outside, it may be worth considering a storage upgrade. Some of the most compact lifts out there only have a single post, engineered specifically to raise one vehicle to allow parking of another underneath. This can optimize the longevity of your vehicles over time, not to mention prevent theft and vandalism. If you want even more storage versatility, aluminium inserts allow you to convert your lift into a surface for storing bikes, ATVs, and garage equipment.

Considering Quality

Regardless of what your intentions are for a home garage lift, one thing remains true in all cases: quality and value should be your top priority. There’s no sense spending any amount of money on a piece of equipment unless you get it from an excellent source and it nails that price-to-quality ratio. There are a lot of inferior lifts out there, backed up by sub-par warranties and half-hearted customer service. The best way to avoid them is to go with a dealer who has years of experience and puts your needs first. Whether it’s for a motorcycle, an ATV, or a car, and whether you’re using it for maintenance or for storage, invest in quality!

When you’ve been set up with the right lift, the possibilities are more extensive than you might realize. At Lift King, it’s our job to provide you with a unit that will last and at a price that’s right. To find out why we’ve become Canada’s preferred lift dealer, call us at (403) 283-1020 today!

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