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Choosing the Right Car Lift for the Job

Choosing the Right Car Lift for the Job - Lift King - Car Lifts in Calgary

There are a lot of choices in Calgary when it comes to automotive lift equipment. They’re not all created equal, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of suitability for a given context or function. Let’s run through a few considerations for knowing what lift works best for your needs.

What Do You Need It For?

Any auto repair team knows that they won’t get very far in their business without equipping themselves with the right high-quality lifts. However, if you’re not in the auto servicing industry, you may be seeking a car lift system for the parking garage you manage. Some even acquire them for personal storage of their own vehicles. This is an excellent way to economize your garage or storage space and take the next step towards being a serious car lover. Whether it’s for business or pleasure (or a combination of both), the first step is always knowing your needs in detail so that you can find a vehicle lift that meets them.

Types of Vehicle Lifts

The two most common automotive lift types are two and four-posts lifts. These raise the vehicle by means of frame-engaging swing arms (in the case of two-post) or wheel-engaging tracks (in the case of four-post). You will also come across scissor lifts, which raise vehicles by means of an extending x-shaped mechanism and can be found in either frame-engaging or wheel-engaging designs. Column lifts, meanwhile, operate as four independent but synchronized wheel-engaging columns. Single-post lifts are designed for optimization of space, and many lifts specialized for motorcycles and ATVs are also available.

Putting Two and Two Together

Matching your needs with what’s available is easier than you might think. Do you operate a repair shop in need of a sturdy, surface-mounted model that will give you clear access to the underside of the vehicle, a high-quality four-post solution would be a wise investment. If you’re a hobbyist who is tight for space and needs to store multiple classic cars in the space of one or two, a good single-post storage lift is an excellent choice. Does your business need additional outdoor parking? A weatherproof multi-lift can work wonders. One thing that you can be sure of is that whatever your needs, there is a lift for you!

What kind of vehicle lift to you need for your Calgary business or garage? The better you know what you need and how to recognize quality, the more your purchase will pay off in the end. The team at Lift King is here to help you make the right choice, so call (866) 610-KING to get started!

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