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Common Car Problems and How to Avoid Them

Common Car Problems and How to Avoid Them - Lift King - Car Lifts Calgary

Some car problems are intimidating for those wanting to perform their own maintenance and repairs, while others are simply avoided with consistent and diligent care. When it comes to the latter category, having a vehicle lift will help you look out for many issues. Let’s look at some examples.


Trouble Starting


If your vehicle is having a bit of difficulty with ignition, whether it’s sluggish to get going or it just won’t start running at all, a number of different issues may be at hand. Common examples would be a failing starter, a dead battery, issues with the alternator, or failing spark plugs. Preventing these problems is often a matter of routinely replacing or maintaining the related parts. Your starter motor should be checked periodically, as should your spark plugs in case they need replacing. You should always be aware of the age of your battery and alternator, with corrosion and connection issues being of particular importance on the battery.


Fluid Leaks


Whether it’s oil, coolant, transmission fluid, or others, you car depends on many different fluids to operate properly. Extensive wear and tear can damage hoses and their connections. If your engine is suddenly overheating, your A/C isn’t working, or you notice fluid accumulating on the ground under your car when parked, you may have a problem. Many of these leaks can introduce serious hazards to the health of your vehicle and even to your safety, so checking these connections periodically and keeping an eye out for the signs is essential. Depending on your level of skill and experience you may be able to perform a repair using your lift.


Tire & Brake Issues


Flat tires can be pesky to deal with, but they’re not the only tire issue to watch out for. Low pressure is also key to be aware of, as well as uneven wear, which can be a sign of misaligned suspension. Noisy brakes come in many different forms and have several different potential causes, including loose or excessively worn brake pads. The two main factors affecting this are your driving habits and the age of your brakes. Your lift is especially useful for monitoring and maintaining their condition, but brake dust is particularly hazardous, so be sure to address only what you have the knowledge and experience to take on.


Owning a lift at home is as much about maximizing the strength and longevity of your vehicle as it is about taking on fun DIY projects. Either way, you’ll need one that will never let you down, and it’s our commitment to provide you with exactly that. Call (403) 283-1020 to get yours!

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