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Common Mistakes Made by Lift Dealers

Common Mistakes Made by Lift Dealers - Lift King - Automotive Lifts Calgary

No professional mechanic or DIY car enthusiast should purchase a vehicle lift without knowing that they’re getting it from the right people. This industry is pretty big, with a lot of dealers out there. Unfortunately, many of them make the same mistakes, so here are a few to watch out for.

Cutting Corners on Quality

If you don’t ensure that you’re getting a high-quality lift for your money, you’ll be putting both the condition of your vehicle and your own safety at risk. Unfortunately, there are plenty of lift dealers out there who will seek out cheap lifts from sub-par suppliers and sell them at unfair prices. This allows them to make a substantial profit while leaving you in the dust. Don’t hesitate to ask who the lifts are manufactured by or other questions that will give you a sense of how transparent the dealer is about their merchandise. We approach this by displaying our lifts in our showroom and allowing our clients to see the difference for themselves.

Inadequate Warranties

A lift is only as good as the experts you purchase it from, and the same goes for the warranty that comes with it. Unfortunately, this is an aspect of selling lifts that far too many companies fall short on. When working with a lift dealer to select your model, don’t forget to read the warranty to find out exactly what is covered, for how long, and other important terms included in the agreement. You don’t want to buy a lift from a company who will short you on service later on down the road. A piece of equipment as important as this should never be purchased without thorough coverage that you can truly count on.

Poor Customer Experience

Car lift experts need to know a lot about lifts, what defines good quality, how to maintain them to optimize longevity, and more. They also need something just as crucial: superb customer service skills. Unfortunately, this is quite often lacking from the business practices of many companies in the industry. Without this, a client like you will have trouble finding and deciding on a model that suits their needs, won’t be fully informed on how to take care of it, and won’t be able to make a fully confident purchase. If you ever get the sense that a lift dealer isn’t entirely there for you and pleasant to work with, get your lift from a better team!

Lift King has strived to become a truly outstanding team of automotive lift experts, and we’re proud to say we’ve worked our way to the top! While we’re headquartered in Calgary, we’re a growing franchise that will ship across Canada, so call (403) 283-1020 to learn more today!

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