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3 Common Questions in DIY Car Care

3 Common Questions in DIY Car Care - Lift King - Car Lifts Calgary

If you’re interested in having an automotive lift at home, chances are you’re also planning to take repairs and routine maintenance into your own hands. The key to getting this right is knowing how to ask the right questions. Let’s run through a few common examples to consider.

Is DIY Car Maintenance Difficult or Dangerous?

The short answer to this highly important question is that it depends. When it comes to difficulty, there are countless forms of maintenance you can perform on your vehicle that will rank at various levels of intensiveness and complexity. Even a moderately capable gearhead can replace a car battery as long as they learn the steps, while an engine replacement is a procedure that only the more experienced should undertake. It’s all a matter of doing the homework on the particular repair or maintenance task you want to take on. This is equally true of safety. Inform yourself as to the hazards and make a judgement call based on your skill level.

Will DIY Repairs or Maintenance Void My Warranty?

While some drivers may be under the impression that certain DIY tasks will put the vehicle’s warranty at risk, a dealership cannot void any part of your warranty simply for the reason that non-dealership repairs or maintenance took place. That being said, it is still of the utmost importance that you pay close attention to the terms of your warranty and perform your DIY work as carefully as possible so as to avoid damage that the dealership may use against you. It’s also advisable to keep a strong paper trail in place that documents all of the work you do on your vehicle, including a written, dated maintenance log and receipts for parts and fluids.

What Tools or Equipment Should I Have for DIY Car Care?

Not unlike the degree of difficulty, this depends on the type of work you want to perform. As such, it’s important from the outset to clearly and specifically decide on the scope of the repairs and maintenance you’re choosing to encompass under your own jurisdiction and equip yourself accordingly. Some tools and equipment, however, can be life-changing regardless of how extensive your DIY work may be. One of them is an automotive lift. DIY enthusiasts are increasingly discovering that the ergonomic and workflow advantages are simply too fantastic to refuse. As for your tools, check out our article on the subject from a few weeks back!

Installing a vehicle lift in your home garage is one of the most effective and gratifying ways to economize car care and enjoy the dirty work it involves. Here are Lift King, we supply high-quality lifts to professional and hobbyist mechanics alike. Call (403) 283-1020 to get yours!

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