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Does Modifying a Classic Car Decrease Its Value?

Does Modifying a Classic Car Decrease Its Value? - Lift King - Auto Lifts in Calgary - Featured Image

Even if you don’t see yourself parting with your classic car, it’s value is an important factor. Value changes over time for countless reasons, but one of them is modification. Whether you’re adding modern features or souping up the engine, will your classic lose value if you modify it?


Driveability vs. Authenticity


An important dynamic to be aware of is driveability vs. authenticity. A common motivation behind modern upgrades for a classic car is to improve driving experience and extend its longevity as a usable vehicle, whether it’s related to the engine, steering, interior features, or other elements. On the flip side, many collector car hobbyists will avoid modern upgrades and focus their restoration and maintenance work on total authenticity to the original traits of the car and the period it’s from. Generally speaking, authenticity wins out if you want to minimize loss in value, but this depends on the car itself and the collector market, which isn’t always easy to predict.


Walking the Line


If you have a pretty authentic classic car and want to make modifications without threatening its value or faithfulness, you might assume that you’re out of options. Fortunately, this isn’t always the case. Plenty of upgrades can be done without introducing noticeable or irreversible changes to the vehicle, as long as you’re prepared to do or pay for the work involved in returning it to its original state. Limiting yourself to bolt-on or bolt-in upgrades and keeping the original parts is a great way to make this work. Additionally, many changes can improve the driveability and longevity of a car without being noticeable, such as micro-polishing transmission gears. 


Set Your Expectations


Different hobbyists will get into classic cars for different reasons. Some will restore for the love of the process, some will collect pristine-condition models that are ready for a showroom, and others are planning to resell. It’s pretty common for hobbyists to simply give their cars the treatment that interests them and fits in their budget, understanding from the get-go that selling at a loss is a likelihood. On the other hand, buying and reselling for profit may not be feasible for the average collector, but some manage to pull it off. Ultimately, it’s wise to do your homework on the upgrades you want and set your expectations (and your long-term budget) accordingly.


What kind of work do you want to do on your car? From repairs and maintenance to high-performance modifications, an industry-quality car lift will completely upgrade your workflow. Our car lifts are the finest in Canada, so call (403) 283-1020 to get the right one!

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