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Ensuring Optimum Lift Performance and Safety at All Times

Ensuring Optimum Lift Performance and Safety at All Times - Lift King - Car Lifts in Calgary

Owning and operating one or more car lifts involves a significant amount of responsibility. It’s a piece of equipment that you not only rely on in terms of productivity, but that you also need to use as safely as possible. Here’s how to make sure everything works the way it should.

Many Moving Parts

Some automotive lifts are more mechanically simple than others, but they all involve multiple moving parts that need to be in good shape in order to work together and stay stable as a system. One of the most critical moments in acquiring a lift is the assembly and installation process. This is your first step in making sure to avoid issues later on. It’s essential to carefully follow the instructions as they are written in the lift’s manual and to trust all tips and considerations given to you by the experts you purchased the lift from.  

Routine Maintenance

Visual inspection is one of the most important elements of maintenance. Structural aspects such as welding points and anchor bolts should be checked, as well as electrical components, wiring, any areas in need of lubrication, and more. Look out for wear or bending on any component that experiences repeated friction or weight, such as the swing arms, their contact pads, and any adapters. Hydraulic oil level will also need to be checked and potentially filled. These are just a few examples, as it’s important to get a general idea of what lift maintenance is about, but your manual and your dealer will be able to help you fully understand the specific needs of your lift!

Safety Considerations

Keeping your automotive lift in excellent working condition is also a matter of safety. Malfunction can often lead to injury, and it’s critical that you and anyone else operating the lift is well-informed on how it functions and how to operate it safely. Most lifts will have labels that state load capacity, safety warnings, and other key information, so make sure that these are clean and legible (in fact, every nook and cranny of your lift should be as clean as possible). Does your lift have a fall suspension system? Make sure any chains and cables are in good shape! The more thorough you are, the better off you’ll be.

Whether you already own a car lift or you’re looking for your first, safe and responsible operation should be your top priority. Of course, a key part of this is choosing a high quality lift in the first place! Call Lift King today at (866) 610-KING and you’ll already be making the right choice.

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