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Essential Tools for DIY Car Maintenance and Repair

Essential Tools for DIY Car Maintenance and Repair - Lift King - Auto Lifts in Calgary

Whether you’ve got a prized classic car to take care of or you’re simply maintaining the car you use on a daily basis, DIY work can be highly rewarding. However, you’ll only pull it off if you’re properly equipped and prepared for the work at hand. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need.

Hand Tools

No garage is prepared without certain standard hand tools. A lug wrench and an extensive socket and hex key set, for instance, are indispensable. Be sure to have a full range of socket and hex key sizes, covering both standard and metric. You’ll also need a set of wrenches with both standard open ends and ratcheting ends. Even if you have a few screwdrivers lying around, you should grab a comprehensive set, as the range of sizes and tips is important here as well. A torque wrench can help you ensure that you’re setting nuts at the right torque, and a set of pliers and wire cutters are particularly handy for electrical work.

Odds & Ends

While the above tools fall pretty safely into the category of common sense, there are quite a few items that many DIYers often forget to consider. Latex gloves, for instance, are probably a better move than wearing the same gloves every time. Keep your supply of lubricants, cleaners, degreasers, and other must-have mechanical sprays fully stocked. Zip ties come in handy in countless circumstances, allowing you to keep wiring tidy and out of the way in tight spaces as well as temporarily secure parts of your car’s body when your work is in progress. You could even use a strong magnet to grab or gather fasteners and other small parts.

Electrical & Mechanical Equipment

When performing maintenance, repairs, or modifications relating to your battery or electrical components, a multimeter will be your best friend. You won’t be working very comfortably without adequate lighting, so a reliable flashlight and LED garage light are pretty helpful to have. A compact air compressor designed for tire inflation and an automatic tire changer can both make your life a lot easier and save you quite a bit of time. Last but certainly not least, a high-quality vehicle lift will make the repair and maintenance process vastly more efficient, enjoyable, and easier on your body. It will pay off for years to come!

At Lift King, we’re not interested in selling mediocre lifts to make an easy buck. We offer lifts of excellent quality and at a price that’s right. DIY or professional, you’re not fully equipped for car maintenance without one. Call us at (403) 283-1020 today and we’ll get you just what you need!

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