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How Do You Know a Good Vehicle Lift When You See It?

How Do You Know a Good Vehicle Lift When You See It? - Lift King - Car Lifts Calgary

Anyone who is considering a new automotive lift deserves to know that they’re making the best purchase possible. Your safety and the integrity of your vehicle both depend on it. Still, there are plenty of lift retailers out there selling sub-par units. What are the primary indicators of quality?

Solid Build Quality

If you have the ability to examine your potential car lift purchase prior to committing, this is without a doubt the most immediate way to recognize a high-quality lift. If it doesn’t look like it’s built to the highest standards, it probably isn’t. You can typically assess the construction and design of a lift in a few ways. First and foremost, keep an eye out for steel thickness and the quality of the design. Superficial imperfections in the build can be relatively easy to spot at this level, but other shortcomings might be more tricky to recognize. Pay attention to the structural integrity of elements like the baseplates and the strengthening beam under the runway.

Excellent Brand Reputation

Of course, there are plenty of quality factors that can’t be ascertained simply through a basic visual inspection. It’s just as important to prioritize the reputation of who is manufacturing and selling it. Is it being made and retailed by experienced automotive lift experts who place dependability and value above all else? Does the retailer have a solid track record of providing well-built equipment to a large customer base? An automotive lift of proper quality will only be sold by a reputable company that has been in business long enough to earn lasting respect and trust from its clients and its community at large. Don’t compromise in this department!

Unbeatable Service & Warranty

Beyond the visually apparent traits of a lift and the reputation of its brand, a great deal of information can be determined from the service that comes with it. When interacting with the company that sells a lift, go with your gut. If a retailer seems to be less-than-transparent about their merchandise or doesn’t provide you with the attentive and communicative customer service you need, you may want to take your business elsewhere. Even more telling is the warranty. Pay close attention to the paperwork. If coverage of the lift seems sub-par, it’s clear that the retailer doesn’t have the utmost confidence in their equipment, and you shouldn’t either!

Lift King isn’t just Calgary’s preferred source of premium-quality vehicle lifts. We’re the lift retailer of choice for mechanics and car aficionados all across Canada. Our eye for quality and commitment to our clients brings us a cut above the rest, so call (403) 283-1020 to get in touch!

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