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How to Take Care of Your Lift

How to Take Care of Your Lift - Lift King - Car Lifts Calgary

If you’ve purchased or are thinking about purchasing a lift, chances are it’s for car maintenance. A good vehicle deserves attentive care that will help it last as long as possible, and the same is true of the lift you use. Let’s run through a few pointers that will help you keep it in great shape.


Structure & Components


When taking care of your lift, it’s a good idea to start by knowing its various components like the back of your hand. Study your lift’s manual to best understand its construction. The nuts and bolts that hold your unit together and keep it mounted to the ground should always be tight and secure in accordance with their respective torque specs. Most of them should be checked monthly, while anchor bolts are typically checked every three months. Take a look at your cables every day to keep an eye out for wear, and check up on their tension every month. If any component is in need of cleaning, replacement, or repair, take care of it right away.


Lubrication & Fluids


Numerous elements of your lift depend on sufficient lubrication, so this is something that no lift owner should neglect. On many two-post lifts, for instance, latch shafts and the inside corners of columns should be lubricated monthly. Use lubrication products recommended by your lift specialist. Meanwhile, the hydraulic fluid that makes lifting possible must be sufficiently clean and filled to the right level. Check this monthly, and fill it according to your manual. Be wary of fluid leaks as well. These can appear at faulty or damaged hydraulic connections, which should also be checked regularly. If you spot a leak or other issue, your lift may be in need of servicing.


Professional Maintenance


Although there are plenty of small maintenance tasks that you can carry out yourself, there are also many that are best performed by a professional, ideally from the team who provided you with the lift to begin with. Major repairs to the hydraulic system and electrical power unit, structural issues that cause problems when lifting, or equalization cable replacement are just a few examples. Additionally, if your lift dealer was the one who installed your lift, they should also be the ones who dismantle it if you need to move or perform repairs on the ground to which your lift is mounted. Don’t forget to choose a team of lift experts who offer a competitive warranty!


When it comes to keeping your lift in top condition, the only thing as important as consistent maintenance is a strong warranty. At Lift King, we don’t just sell high quality lifts at excellent prices, we offer unbeatable coverage and service no matter what. Call (403) 283-1020 today!

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