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How to Tell a Good Lift from an Inferior One

How to Tell a Good Lift from an Inferior One - Lift King - Automotive Lift Calgary

All types of automotive equipment need to hold up properly in order to be worth the investment. However, considering the fact that you’ll rely on a vehicle lift to keep thousands of pounds of metal, plastic, and glass above you, it’s especially important to know a good lift when you see it.

Who Are You Getting It From?

It may seem counterintuitive, but you can actually start to get an idea of the quality of the lift you’re considering by assessing the person you’re getting it from. Are you planning on getting it used or from a dealer? As we’ve discussed in our last blog, a used lift is typically not a good route to go, as you’ll be compromising more on quality than the bargain price is worth. When it comes to companies that sell lifts, you’ll know right off the bat what kind of lift quality to expect when you get an idea of their reputability as a business. Are they making sub-par imitations of the products offered by well-established and respected brands? If so, you shouldn’t bother!

Build Quality and Durability

Once you’ve found a few lift dealers to compare between, there are a number of build quality factors to consider. The thickness and design of the steel components used to construct the lift has to make the cut, and the same goes for the size of the base plate on each post as well as the strengthening beam under the runway, if applicable. If you ever have any doubts about the structural integrity of a lift, don’t be afraid to ask the dealer as many questions as you can. If they provide a superior product, they’ll be able to hold up to questioning and demonstrate the strength of their equipment.

See For Yourself

If the lift you want is sold by a company in your area, you should take advantage of this. The Lift King team loves to meet Calgarians who are interested in lifts for their home garages. Not only this, but our headquarters is fully equipped with lifts sold by our competitors. This allows us to visually demonstrate and explain the differences between the top-notch units we sell and the stuff that doesn’t quite meet the necessary standards. However, even if you’re not local, we’re fully willing and able to consult with you regarding your needs and the specificities of your space. We also ship all across Canada, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Are you choosing the right lift? High quality at the right price makes all the difference in terms of practicality, economy, and most importantly, safety. At Lift King, we offer nothing but the best lifts and other automotive equipment at an unbeatable price. Call (403) 283-1020 to learn more!

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