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What Are Hydraulic Lifts & How Do They Work?

What Are Hydraulic Lifts & How Do They Work? - Lift King - Hydraulic Lifts Calgary

Hydraulic car lifts can be found in a number of industries and are relied upon for many important functions. Whatever your use for them may be, whether you run a car repair shop or need one for personal vehicle storage, knowing how they work will help you make an informed purchase!

The Basics of Hydraulics

Vehicle brakes, dentist chairs, and countless construction machines are all examples of hydraulic systems. These mechanisms vary widely in application, but they all depend on the same basic principle: Pascal’s law. In essence, it states that when pressure is applied to an incompressible fluid (such as water or oil), and that fluid is held in a confined space, the pressure will be distributed throughout that fluid and can therefore be multiplied. When directed with careful engineering, multiplication of pressure is capable of lifting objects of considerable weight.

Applying It to the Lift

Your average lift will depend on either an electric motor or air compressor to power a hydraulic pump, which provides the initial pressure to the hydraulic fluid inside the pistons. Multiplication of pressure occurs when fluid inside a narrow piston transfers that pressure over a relatively long distance into a second, wider piston. In the wider piston, the pressure travels over a shorter distance and therefore acts with a greater amount of force. This cause-and-effect relationship is simple at its core, but it allows machinery to lift thousands of pounds when designed properly.

Making It Work as Intended

Of course, no machine is going to work well if it isn’t assembled and taken care of properly. Seemingly small issues, when not prevented or addressed, can prevent the entire system from doing its job. Hydraulic fluid does its job because it’s incompressible — its density doesn’t change much in response to pressure. Air, on the other hand, doesn’t behave quite the same way. If bubbles are introduced into the system, the transfer of pressure can be compromised in a number of ways and those pistons are going to have trouble lifting that car. Just like any machinery, it’s critical to choose the right unit and take care of it!

You may not need to be an engineer to select the right vehicle lift, but choosing a dedicated company will ensure that you’re provided with the best equipment. Lift King believes in quality, durability, and excellent service, so call (866) 610-KING to find a great lift in Calgary today!

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