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Installing a Lift at Home? Make Sure It’s the Right One!

Installing a Lift at Home? Make Sure It’s the Right One! - Lift King - Automotive Lifts in Calgary

Purchasing an automotive lift can be one of the best decisions you’ll make as a vehicle owner. It will fundamentally change the way you take care of your car and even the value you can get out of it in the long term. There are quite a few types of lifts out there, so which is the right one?

The Size Factor

While not everyone has to run a professional auto repair shop to own a vehicle lift, we’re well aware that not everyone has a shop-sized garage. This a significant concern you may have when considering a residential lift setup, but there are enough sizes and types out there that you’ll easily find the right option. Do you have a small single-car garage? This doesn’t disqualify you in the way that you might think. Even if you can’t fit a full-sized 4-post lift in there, our portable 2-post lift is popular for home garages. Its width is adjustable and the relatively low top lock height is perfect if you have limited clearance.


Aside from the size factor, a lift like our portable 2-post model is common for residential setups because of its ease of installation and takedown. It’ll only take you ten minutes to dismantle and just as much time to set up again. The configuration of your garage at home may change due to storage, you might decide to undergo some renovations, or you could be moving to another home altogether. For these reasons, portability is a key feature to look out for. A single post storage lift, while not typically suitable for repairs or maintenance, is also quite mobile. This is a good way to go if you’re just in need of a vertical parking solution.

Considering Cost

Many car lovers feel discouraged from pursuing an at-home lift solution because they think it’s prohibitively expensive. It may seem as though a big piece of equipment comes with a big price tag, but everything depends on the model you choose and who you purchase it from. For one thing, it can be an excellent investment if you use it to perform DIY maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. When it comes to storage, a lift is probably cheaper and more feasible than constructing an addition to your garage. You’ll get a lot for your money when you source your lift from a reputable dealer who is committed to value and quality!

Lift King offers some of the world’s finest lifts to car owners and professional mechanics both inside and outside of Calgary. You don’t have to work at a repair shop to own a great piece of equipment, so call (403) 283-1020 to find out how to upgrade your garage like never before!

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