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Modernizing a Classic Car

Modernizing a Classic Car - Lift King - Automotive Lift Calgary - Featured Image

Some car hobbyists prefer a fully authentic restoration, while others take the restomod route and bring in some contemporary flair. Depending on your preferences, the nature of your project, and how you want to use your classic, some modern upgrades may be just what you need.


Improve the Ride


A number of upgrades can help you bring the handling, ride quality, and even longevity of your classic up to speed with today’s engineering standards and average horsepower. Replacing the suspension with a contemporary one is an important step to consider, and installing the right performance springs and shocks can give you excellent results. Never underestimate the effect that your bushings can have on your ride as well, as a completely new and modern set can make all the difference. Meanwhile, a fresh rack-and-pinion system can give you modernized power steering and subframe connectors can keep that old chassis from twisting so much.


Stay Safe


When it comes to safety, there’s one modernization measure that may be particularly necessary: Disc brakes. If you’re aiming for modern horsepower for you engine, this and outdated drum brakes might not be the best combination. Of course, it depends on preference and how you’re using the car, but it’s something to take into consideration. Similarly, new seat belts can improve both safety and the comfort of your drive. If your classic uses bias ply tires, it’s also worth considering a set of modern radial tires. These will run cooler and have a longer tread life. Finally, it may be worth upgrading sealed beam headlights to modern halogen or HID ones.


Get Comfortable


Sometimes the right upgrade can take the enjoyability of your drive to another level. A modern air conditioning system, for instance, may not be in the cards for those who are sticklers for authenticity, but for others it’s a welcome indulgence. Depending on how sentimental you are about that classic upholstery and what kind of condition it’s in, it could be worth looking into authentic-looking modern seats to amp up your comfort. Finally, letting anything come between you and that powerful engine roar may seem like sacrilege, but deadening material and insulation are great for taming noise levels and keeping interior temperature under control.


No matter what type of work you’re doing on your classic car, a sturdy and dependable vehicle lift will completely transform the way you do it. When you’re ready to upgrade your home garage to a powerful DIY automotive workspace, call Lift King at (403) 283-1020 to get the lift you need!

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