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Professional Lifts vs. Home Garage Lifts: Is There a Difference?

Professional Lifts vs. Home Garage Lifts: Is There a Difference? - Lift King - Car Lifts Calgary

You’ve seen car lifts used in professional auto shops, and you might know someone who has one in their personal garage. If you’re considering one for your own home setup, you may be wondering what separates a professional lift from a residential one. Are they that different?


How You Use It


While the applications of an automotive lift for a professional mechanic are pretty self-evident, lifts have an even wider range of applications in a home garage situation. Compact single-post lifts can be used just as suitably for home-based repairs as they can for optimizing the storage space of your garage, and two-post lifts can fill both of these roles as well. When you equip the right lift with a high-quality aluminum inserts, you have a storage solution that functions not only for vehicles, but also appliances and equipment. However, the quality and format of the lift itself will not necessarily be different from that of a lift you’d find at a repair shop.


The Space Factor


If the same types of lifts you’d find in a professional repair shop can be used in a home garage, what about the difference between these two settings with regards to available space? An industrial grade four-post lift fits comfortably in a commercial garage because these businesses are designed to accommodate large equipment, but this doesn’t automatically disqualify your residential garage. As long as you take the necessary measurements and make your purchase accordingly, that robust four post lift may be perfect for your home setup. Once again, the difference is more a matter of your needs and circumstances than the traits of the lift itself.


Cost and Selection


One of the most common assumptions about vehicle lifts for industry mechanics is that they’re far too expensive for personal use. On the contrary, finding a professional-grade lift at an accessible price is more straightforward than many people realize. The key lies in purchasing yours from a lift specialist who provides equipment that is manufactured to industry standards yet available to a diverse range of clients. In addition to offering a fantastic lift at a great price, they’ll be able to guide you in your selection. When you have the right lift dealer, there doesn’t have to be a major difference between what the pros use and what you can install at home!


Lift King is committed to bringing the finest automotive lifts to professional mechanics and home garages alike. With a sharp eye for quality and the best warranties in the business, you can always count on us for unbeatable service. Call us today at (403) 283-1020 to find your new lift!

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