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Should You Repair or Replace Your Car?

Should You Repair or Replace Your Car? - Lift King - Automotive Lift Calgary

Many of us know what it’s like to own a car for many years, so long that it becomes your trusty companion through thick and thin. Still, eventually, there will come a moment when the costs of repair and maintenance are no longer worthwhile and finding a new vehicle is best. But when?


Making It Last


First off, before you arrive at this pivotal crossroads in the life of your vehicle, your first priority should be to make it last as long as possible. No car lasts forever, and different cars will hold up against wear and tear better than others, but a well-made vehicle can last anywhere between 8 and 15 years if you take the necessary steps to prolong its lifespan. Follow its routine maintenance recommendations, don’t procrastinate on repairs, be wise about how you replace its parts, and be knowledgeable about its needs. If you’re a DIY-minded person, care for your vehicle using the proper tools and equipment, including a high-quality car lift to make your work more efficient and comfortable.


To Repair?


There’s no denying that eventually, you’ll need to decide whether or not a certain repair is worthwhile. In many situations, repairs will be cheaper than the cost of a factory-fresh vehicle. This is especially true considering the monthly payments on a new car that will follow the down payment, the typically higher cost of insurance on a newer vehicle, and other budgetary factors. Replacing it with another used car can also be risky, potentially landing you in the same situation all over again before much time passes. It’s also not easy letting go of a meaningful car that has been with you and your family for years, and perhaps you’re devoted enough to make it a fixer-upper project in your own garage.


Or Replace?


On the other hand, it’s possible that the needed repair procedures will either take a sizable bite out of your wallet now or seriously add up before long, especially if you use the car in question on a daily basis. Fighting to keep the transmission in good shape or contending with major engine damage (especially to the cylinders) are particularly costly ordeals. Safety is also a critical issue to consider. As time goes on with an ageing car, it becomes harder and harder to maintain peace of mind regarding its reliability and the likelihood of an accident. In short, if it’s become more trouble than an asset in your life, both financially and in terms of stress, it may be the right opportunity for a new beginning.


You want your car to be in the best shape possible, and we have the lifts and accessories that can help make it happen. No matter what type of lift you’re looking for, ours come with a quality guarantee that is unrivalled in the industry. Call us at (403) 283-1020 to get set up with yours!

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