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4 Things People Get Wrong About Classic Cars

4 Things People Get Wrong About Classic Cars Common Questions in DIY Car Care - Lift King - Car Lifts Calgary

With the endless array of classic vehicles out there today, the world of collector cars can be a highly exciting one to explore. When it comes to finding, purchasing, maintaining, and driving them, plenty of myths make their way around, often leading to poor decisions. Here are five.

Buy the One With the Lowest Mileage

When in the market for any kind of car, paying close attention to the mileage is an essential step. However, when it comes to classic cars, this factor is a bit more nuanced. An old classic with very low mileage is obviously one that hasn’t been driven much. This could mean that its condition hasn’t degraded significantly, but it could also mean that it hasn’t been regularly maintained for driveability. Don’t just note the mileage, note the maintenance history, too.

You Can Get Rich Flipping Them For Profit

The internet and popular culture in general are littered with anecdotes of iconic vehicles being sold at auction for considerable sums of money. There’s no denying that the sale of the right classic can rake in a decent chunk of change, but purchasing one as a financial investment is more often than not a recipe for disappointment. Your motivation to purchase and maintain a specialty vehicle should always start and end with your love for cars, not a plan to strike it rich.

They Can Be Treated the Same as a Modern Car

Some entry level collectors may purchase a classic car in pristine condition and assume that it can withstand the same regularity of use and degree of wear that a modern vehicle can. This mistake is especially prone to happen if the car has been upgraded with a few modern bells and whistles. Don’t be fooled, however. It’s best to regard your classic purchase as a prized possession, treating it with extra love and care. This will allow you to maximize its lifespan.

Brand, Rarity, and Age Are the Most Important Value Factors

This is a particularly common misconception, particularly when it comes to finding the right purchase. It’s essential to remember that a famous name does not in and of itself indicate a good find. Similarly, just because there aren’t many of them doesn’t mean you need to buy it at the drop of the hat. And that antique auto you have your eye on? Age alone shouldn’t justify a high price. Market value is a complex beast, so it will pay off to let smart research guide you.

The team here at Lift King aren’t just experts in vehicle lifts and their many uses. We also love fine automobiles and know what it takes to keep them in excellent shape. This is why providing you with only the best equipment is our highest priority. Give us a call at (403) 283-1020 today!

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