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What Kind of Maintenance Will Your Residential Lift Require?

What Kind of Maintenance Will Your Residential Lift Require? - Lift King - Automotive Lifts Calgary

One of the most common reasons for having a vehicle lift at home is to perform DIY car maintenance. However, it’s important to remember that the lift itself is also a sophisticated piece of equipment that has its own maintenance requirements. Let’s look at a few examples.

Structural Inspection

Your lift is made up of many different parts, but it can be helpful to start with the basic structural elements. You should be aware of your lift’s structural condition whenever you use it. Is everything properly aligned and firmly in place? Bolts and pins should be secure, safety locks should be functional, and cable connections should have adequate torque. If your lift has arms, they should pivot and extend smoothly and their adjustment locks need to be working properly. Check your hydraulic connections to ensure that no leakage is present. Testing the upward and downward operation of the lift before using it with a vehicle may also be a good idea.

Fluid Checks and Lubrication

A hydraulic vehicle lift depends on healthy function of its fluid and pressure systems. In addition to this, lifts require lubrication. There are a lot of moving parts that can be damaged if they generate too much friction. When it comes to hydraulics, it’s critical to avoid allowing air to be trapped in the cylinders, replace the hydraulic oil when needed, and ensure that your cables are synchronized so that all cylinders maintain equalized pressure. Any parts requiring lubrication should be checked frequently and lubricated accordingly. There will always be variations between models, so it’s best to get personalized tips from your lift dealer.

Minding Your Cables

Like any mechanical part, cables accumulate wear over time, which leads to stretching or other changes in shape and alignment. Mechanical damage and heat damage are a couple examples. It’s especially pertinent to pay attention to subtle changes in their condition and know how often they should be replaced. This can vary depending on your usage and the lift you have. One of the most important ways to prolong the life of your cables is to keep them moving smoothly with a lubricant recommended by the expert you purchased your lift from. Pay attention and don’t fall behind on maintenance!

When you purchase a lift of excellent quality from a respected dealer and combine that with the right care and maintenance, your investment will benefit you for years to come. We’ve only covered a portion of lift maintenance here, so call Lift King at (403) 283-1020 to learn more!

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