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What Will You Use Your Lift For?

What Will You Use Your Lift For? - Lift King - Car Lift Calgary

The average automotive lift may seem to serve one fairly obvious purpose: to elevate a vehicle for more comfortable and effective maintenance. However, when you choose the right lift and take a closer look, it becomes a more versatile piece of equipment. How will you use yours?


DIY Maintenance & Repairs


No one likes to take their vehicle to the mechanic for routine maintenance and minor repairs only to feel taken advantage of with an excessive invoice. There are certainly repairs that require the skill and experience of a professional mechanic, but there are also plenty of maintenance and repair tasks you can take care of yourself, especially if you take the time to learn and you have the right equipment. Investing in the necessary tools and installing an automotive lift at home can turn your garage into an automotive DIY paradise. It is also by far the most physically comfortable and ergonomically efficient way to work on a vehicle.


Restoration Projects


There’s DIY maintenance, and then there’s the artistry of restoration. Classic car aficionados who decide to restore an iconic automobile have a rewarding journey ahead of them, but not if they fail to prepare themselves with the best equipment they can. This isn’t the type of work you want to take any chances with. Restoration is highly time consuming and meticulous work, not to mention often strenuous on the body. It should therefore be a top priority to set up your project in such a way that the chances of mistakes are minimized and your time-efficiency is maximized. When you choose the right lift, you’ll be able to accomplish exactly this.


Parking & Storage


When you’ve got just one and plenty of garage space for it, storing your car is second nature. If you have limited space for the vehicles you own and extending your garage is out of the question, you’ve found yourself in something of a quandry. This is especially cause for concern if you own a classic car that needs to be protected from the elements in order to stay in great shape. Provided that your garage has the overhead clearance, a storage lift is probably the best solution to your dilemma. Single-post models are especially compact, allowing you to elevate one vehicle while the other is parked on the ground beneath it. Not a bad solution!


Lift King is known across Canada as one of the most respected names in the business. No matter what you plan to use your vehicle lift for, you can depend on our team to provide equipment of the highest quality and service to match. Call (403) 283-1020 to learn more!

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