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Will Your Garage Accommodate a Lift?

Will Your Garage Accommodate a Lift? - Lift King - Car Lifts Calgary

Let’s say you’ve got your eyes on a vehicle lift that checks off all the boxes you could’ve hoped for. It’s everything you need and more, and it’s available for a great price. Before you go any further, have you made sure that your garage can accommodate it? Here’s how to find out.


The Dimensions


One of the first places you should start is knowing the dimensions of your garage and whether or not they’ll be adequate for the lift you want. Many eager new lift owners will dive into things without having assessed the depth, width, or overhead clearance of their garage. Bear in mind that these requirements will vary significantly depending on the type of lift you want and the vehicle or vehicles you’ll be lifting with it. Get the sizing specs of the lift from your dealer and take detailed measurements of your space, accounting for other objects stored in the garage as well as the opener you may have mounted to the ceiling.


The Floor


It’s also common for new lift owners to overlook the importance of their floor. Lifts are quite heavy, and depending on the model you choose, it may need to be surface-mounted. A proper foundation is therefore critical to the safety and integrity of the installation. The floor should be as level as possible, and slight deviations may need to be compensated for with shimming or other modifications. The floor must be concrete of the right thickness and strength in order to safely withstand the amount of pressure that your lift will exert. It’s generally not a good idea to install a lift on damaged concrete or on expansion joints.


Other Factors


Additional factors should be kept in mind before committing the lift to your garage. For instance, lifts have electrical requirements that are integral to their functionality. When consulting with your lift dealer, be sure to find out what type of electrical source is needed to operate the lift and whether or not this is available in your garage. Clutter can be pretty detrimental to both safety and functionality. Everyone uses their garage to store other equipment and household items, but it’s best to clear as much space as you can. Once again, a good lift dealer will be able to make recommendations based on your specific needs.


Acquiring the right automotive lift is a process, and the Lift King team will be there to make it easier at every step. The only thing as dependable as our lifts is the experience that comes with them, so don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling (403) 283-1020 today. Your new lift is waiting!

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