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Lift your garage from clutter

By ROB CRAMER, Sun Media

Organizing your garage can be quite a chore, and lack of space is always an issue, especially if you have multiple cars. Luckily there’s a solution and that solution is Lift King Inc.

The Calgary-based business supplies automotive hoists to the Alberta market and beyond, and will be bringing its wares to Powerama to show you that all hope is not lost if you’re trying to fit more than one muscle car into your garage.

“We sell commercial grade units to private individuals to stack cars, Sea-doos, Ski-doos, lawn equipment and more. It helps clean up their garage,” explains Ross , owner of Lift King Inc. Lift King’s automotive hoists are easy to install yourself and will take the average guy about three or four hours to put together, but if you need help, the company has experienced technicians that can lend you a hand. To take your garage a step further you can talk to Lift King about PVC flooring which they also specialize in.

“It’s a click-together-system that’s good enough for a five ton truck. It has semi gloss finish and it looks amazing in the garage,” said Ross.

Lift King is the first company to bring this equipment mainstream, and it has the connections to other businesses that can really take your garage to the next level by installing cabinets and more. Lift King can even hook you up with customized cabinets that feature your children’s hockey pictures or the pictures of your favourite cars embossed in the doors.

According to Ross, most people have a double garage and two cars, but a plethora of other things that need to be stored in the garage as well. Lift King automotive hoists are a perfect fit and you don’t have to leave one of your cars in the driveway.IMG_0016
Lift King’s automotive hoists are not only easy to install but they’re extremely easy to use as well. It’ll only take you a few seconds to lift your cars or lawnmower up in the air and store them for the winter, and when summer rolls around it will take just as little time to get them down. Not only are the lifts space savers but they’re time savers as well.

Lift King’s automotive hoists are also very safe and affordable to boot, and according to Cameron, the wives of a lot of car guys have even called in just so the garage could get cleaned. If you drop by Lift King’s booth at Powerama you’ll be able to see the company’s feature model, the Pro King 8, which has an 8,000 lb capacity and a special $2,795 price tag for the show.

You can also check out Lift Kings PVC flooring and get information on all of Lift King’s other products.

Cameron added that Lift King is pleased to announce a recent partnership with PartSource which will allow for Lift King hoists to be sold at the auto parts chain, making it that much easier for Edmontonians to get a hold of these great products. Visit our homepage for more info.


4216 12 Street NE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T2E 6K9


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