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How to Avoid Car Maintenance Injuries

How to Avoid Car Maintenance Injuries - Lift King - Car Lifts Calgary

When you’re getting serious about DIY car maintenance, few things are more important than safety. Both minor and serious injuries can occur if you don’t take the right precautions and develop your skills properly. To make sure things go smoothly, here are a few essential tips.


Wear Protective Materials


Even if you’re eager to get your hands dirty, there’s more to bear in mind than grease and dirt. Protective materials like gloves, safety goggles, and dust masks are essential for many repair and maintenance procedures. Automotive work gloves not only help to prevent cuts and burns, they allow you a better grip on your tools and the parts you’re handling. Goggles will protect you from rust, dust, and other forms of fine debris that can wreak havoc on the eyes, especially when using drills or grinders. Dust masks should be used to avoid inhalation of these substances as well, and a respirator is always advisable when working with paints or solvents.


Work Wisely


Using the necessary safety gear isn’t the only measure you should take to ensure a pain-free DIY experience. It’s just as important to prepare yourself with knowledge and smart decision-making as it is to equip yourself with protective items. Avoid tackling a major procedure that you don’t have experience with unless you have a skilled and knowledgeable person helping out. At the very least, all of your maintenance and repair endeavours should be taken on with the appropriate research. The web is full of hands-on videos that demonstrate common forms of DIY auto work step-by-step, including key safety tips that will keep you in good shape. 


Upgrade Your Equipment


Certain pieces of automotive equipment can not only strengthen the efficiency and enjoyability of your DIY workflow, they can also keep you safer. Squeezing underneath your vehicle or bending over for extended periods, even if you’re using jacks and jack stands, can lead to physical problems that have a way of sneaking up on you. Back, shoulder, and knee injuries are never worth it, so upgrading your garage with an automotive lift can be a game-changer. It gives you safe and direct access to your car’s underside, wheel wells, and more. Anyone with a lift knows that it’s by far the best way to take the pain and strain out of your DIY auto work!


Nothing enhances the potential of your home garage quite like an industry-grade vehicle lift. The team here at Lift King can provide you with one that perfectly suits your needs and your space while offering the maximum value for your money. Get in touch by calling (403) 283-1020 today!

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