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Is DIY Car Repair Dead? Not Even Close

Is DIY Dead? Not Even Close - Lift King - Vehicle Lift Calgary

To someone who hasn’t explored its possibilities, DIY car repair and maintenance may seem fairly outdated. Why get your hands dirty yourself when you can just take your vehicle to a professional mechanic? It’s not hard for true automotive aficionados to answer this question.


Modern Vehicles


From stability and traction control systems to software-based navigation and safety features, the modern era has introduced countless impressive upgrades to the way we drive. As a result, going DIY on a brand new vehicle can be a bit trickier than on a car that is 20 or more years old. Does this mean that at-home auto work is a thing of the past? Hardly. Not everyone is quick to go for the shiniest and most modernized car. Even those who do will likely focus their DIY efforts on a classic that they own on the side, one more suited to hobby work. The auto hobbyist community is as active as ever, and it’s largely built around models that stand the test of time.


Tools & Equipment


What’s true about the advancement of automotive engineering is also true about the way vehicles are maintained and repaired. Today’s professional technicians are equipped with software diagnostic tools and other resources designed to match the sophistication of new vehicles, and they should, but this doesn’t signal the demise of DIY. Those looking to get their hands dirty in their own garages shouldn’t be intimidated by the tools and equipment required to maintain or repair a new vehicle, because you don’t have to work on one. The best at-home auto work is done on a car that corresponds to your level of skill, experience, and interest.


Know Your Stuff, Know Your Limits


Speaking of which, this brings us to what is most likely the most important thing to bear in mind when getting serious about your DIY journey. It’s not a good idea to take on a repair or maintenance task that falls significantly outside your experience or expertise. There are old cars, new cars, and cars in between, so if you’re unsure as to where your limits lie when it comes to taking care of the vehicle you own, always do your homework. Get the opinions of anyone you know who has worked as a professional mechanic. If the car and its needs fall within your capabilities, be sure to use a high-quality lift and all the right tools for the job!


Not everyone wants to get serious about DIY car care or restoration, but for those who do, the right tools and equipment are within reach. Our automotive lifts are built to the finest standards and will never let you down. Give us a call today at (403) 283-1020 to find just the lift you want!

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