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No matter how feature-packed a lift may be, everything comes down to the durability of its raw materials. Steel is one of the most common metals that you’ll find comprising a vehicle lift, but aluminium is also a key player. Its high strength and low weight are not to be underestimated!


If you need your lift to serve several purposes, you may be surprised by how adaptable it can be. On one day, you might need it to perform repairs, while on another, you might just need some extra storage space. Inserts can convert your lift into a versatile mechanism for storing vehicles and other items, and aluminium is the perfect material for the job. Being lightweight, you can install and remove them with ease. Combine that with high durability and a slip-resistant diamond plate surface and you’re good to go. Whether it’s a motorcycle, quad, sled, or even lawn equipment, aluminium inserts will hold up to whatever you store on it.


Quick and easy access to the underside of your vehicle doesn’t always need to be accomplished with a lift. Oftentimes, all you need is a good wheel ramp to get some elevation. However, as would be the case with a lift, safety and durability are essential, especially when safety is concerned. Aluminium comes to the rescue once again! High strength means that it will stand the test of time and keep you and your vehicle safe. Low weight means that you don’t have to strain to lug them around whenever you have to bring them out. And don’t forget, a diamond plate pattern ensures that slippage won’t be a problem.


Of course, accessorizing doesn’t only have to be about utility. Sometimes, there’s as much a stylistic reason to upgrade your lift as there is a practical one. Switching out your posts is the perfect example, and it can balance the best of both worlds. You don’t want to invest in new posts for your top-of-the-line lift if they’re inferior in quality and durability to the lift itself. An excellent material to look for in this department is, you guessed it, aluminium! A set of shiny diamond-plate posts can take the look of your lift from standard to stylish while maintaining the legitimacy and power of the lift overall. They’re great for that industrial-quality look!

An automotive lift is not unlike a car: It can always be upgraded to take its look and functionality to another level. We don’t just sell lifts, we sell everything that you need to create a comprehensive lift solution. Check out our aluminium accessories to enhance yours today!


4216 12 Street NE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T2E 6K9


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Phone (403) 283-1020

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