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PRO KING 15/2 $9900

15,000LB 2 Post $9900

Lifting capacity 15,000 LB.
Power unit electrical requirement 220 Volt
Shipping weight 2880 lbs.
Speed of rise 75 seconds
Lifting height in top lock position 74.8”
Outer width 149.4”
Width inside of columns 128.9”
Size of columns 12×12”
Warranty 3 years
Total Height  183.1″
Minimum Length  34.9″
Maximum Length  73″
Adjustable arms  
Electric control system  
Padded roof protection bar with cut off switch  
Gear type auto-arm locking mechanism  
Cable remote control for easy operation and safety (optional)  
Dual balancing cable for precise carriage movement  
Self-lubricating poly urethane carriage guide  
1 button controls entire operation with finger touch  
Dual cylinder and dual seal packing for reliable and powerful 15,000 lbs cap  


4216 12 Street NE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T2E 6K9


Toll Free 1-866-610-5464
Phone (403) 283-1020

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