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Things That Can Void Your Car’s Warranty

Things That Can Void Your Car's Warranty - Lift king - Vehicle Lift Calgary

When purchasing a car from a dealership, the warranty it comes with is by far one of the most important parts of the deal, even if you’re someone who is savvy in the ways of DIY. Still, every warranty has its conditions and limitations. Here are five things that commonly void coverage.

Vehicle Misuse

From the perspective of the dealership or manufacturer, your car is built and intended to fulfill a specific set of purposes. Ways of driving your vehicle that don’t fall within normal usage can therefore be cited as grounds for voided coverage. If, for instance, damage or wear occurs as the result of racing or reckless driving, and the dealership or manufacturer can make the connection between that damage and vehicle misuse, your warranty probably won’t apply.

Damage from Natural Disasters

Whether it’s a tornado, a flood, and earthquake, or a wildfire, natural disasters can inflict serious damage on vehicles that are in the wrong place at the wrong time. These circumstances are, of course, unrelated to the production of the vehicle itself, so these forms of damage are not covered by dealership or manufacturer warranties. This highlights the importance of securely storing your vehicle whenever you can, not to mention seeking a thorough insurance policy.

Odometer Tampering

Your vehicle’s odometer is an essential tool not only for monitoring how much it’s been driven, but also for scheduling the frequency of routine maintenance procedures. Odometer fraud has been an issue for quite some time, and has even persisted with the introduction of digital odometers. Not surprisingly, then, dealerships and manufacturers take it quite seriously. If they establish that the odometer has been tampered with, your warranty will be voided right away.

Modifications & Aftermarket Parts (Sometimes)

Warranty coverage for certain repairs and maintenance can be pretty nuanced in certain situations. One example is cases of aftermarket parts, chip tuning, and other modifications. First and foremost, aftermarket parts and modifications in and of themselves usually do not void your warranty. If, however, it’s proven that the part or modification caused the damage, your warranty won’t cover it. Even if they haven’t proven it yet, they may initially charge you for the diagnosis.

Negligence & Poor Maintenance

Falling behind on routine car maintenance isn’t just a problem for the condition and value of your vehicle, it can also threaten your warranty coverage. If the dealership or manufacturer finds that the vehicle has fallen into disrepair because of negligence, they can successfully void warranty coverage. Taking good care of your car is essential for this reason, and if you’re doing it yourself, remember that it should be done skillfully and with the best equipment you can get.

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