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Our Guarantee to You

Here at Lift King , we take our quality and service very seriously!

Our lifts have a 5 year manufacturer defect warranty on the motor and a lifetime defect warranty on the lifts.

A Guarantee is only as good as the company that offers it!

Other companies state they will guarantee your product for a lifetime, but the problem is half of our competitors are selling Lifts this year Mini bikes last year and who knows what they will be selling next year. They offer discount pricing on inferior lifts , also offer long warranty,  but when it is time to fix that lift, they will have already folded the company and started a new one selling “Cheap Watches” or whatever the new hot item may be!

Do you really think these people will be around in a week , a month or a year from now to guarantee your lift?


4216 12 Street NE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T2E 6K9


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Phone 403-283-1020
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Request A Quote Today!

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