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Why Not Just Use Jack Stands Instead of a Lift?

Why Not Just Use Jack Stands Instead of a Lift? - Lift King - Car Lifts Calgary

Automotive enthusiasts and professional mechanics are fortunate to have such a wide variety of equipment available for repairs, maintenance, and more. When you’re a DIY car lover on a budget, you might wonder if the jack stands can replace a lift. The short answer? Not really!

The Limitations of Jack Stands

There’s no doubt that a quality jack and jack stands are excellent additions to a home garage. For quick and dirty work, especially certain simple tasks that need to be done urgently, it can be handy for getting some basic elevation. That being said, whether it’s for DIY repairs, restoration, or any other kind of at-home auto work, thinking that it can replace a lift is a big mistake. It’s always tempting to cut corners and pinch pennies, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is to consider the value you’re getting. Do you really want to deal with the strain and safety issues of lying on the floor for extended periods and squeezing yourself under a car?

The Versatility of a Lift

The list of advantages that an industry-grade automotive lift can offer you is hard to ignore. It’s in such a different league of equipment that to consider it interchangeable with jack stands quickly starts to feel silly. The right lift gives you the greatest degree of elevation necessary, increased safety and reliability, and extensive, comfortable access to all the regions of the vehicle that you’ll need to reach. As an example, if you upgrade your home garage with a compact 2-post lift of excellent quality, not to mention at the right price, you won’t just be adding value to the capabilities of your home setup, you’ll be adding value to your vehicle.

Combine and Conquer

We wouldn’t be in the car lift business if we didn’t love car lifts. However, don’t let our enthusiasm for this particular type of equipment fool you. We love the simple solutions as well, including jack stands and even car ramps. If you’ve already fulfilled your needs for a durable floor jack, that’s great. It’s critical, however, not to make the mistake that too many car enthusiasts make when they settle for a jack. It’s not a cheaper way to accomplish what a lift can, it’s a way of limiting your work and even making it more physically demanding. Go a step further by completing your garage with a lift and you’ll never look back.

We can see that you’re eager to get going on your first home garage lift, but before you get ahead of yourself, you might want to take a look at the models we offer. Everyone has different lift needs, so if you have any questions, call Lift King at (403) 283-1020 and we’d love to help!

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